Challenging Holes at Arbutus Ridge Golf Club

Stop by Victoria’s Arbutus Ridge Golf Club to experience challenging holes and scenic golf! Located beside some of Vancouver Island’s best wineries, this golf course is great to pair with a wine tour or tasting. Here are some of Arbutus Ridge’s most challenging holes for you to conquer.

Hole #1

The hardest starting hole on Vancouver Island! The 150-yard marker is where you’ll make your start, and it’s all downhill from there, literally. You face the green so holding shots isn’t a problem. Watch for the bunkers that cradle the green.

Hole #5

The fairway is too long to lay up here on this par 4. If you get your tee shot right, your second shot should clear you from 175 to 190 yards. The bunker at the corner where the fairway bends could pose a problem if you’re not thinking about your strategy. You’ll see the green slopes from right to left. Aim for the high side on your second shot and take lots of club.

Hole #9

This par 3 can give you a hard time. It’s short but fierce! Aim for left of the hole with your tee shot. The right is a tricky spot to be stuck in as there is a deep bunker and the transition area can be killer. Watch out for Death Valley with a back right pin placement!

Hole #16

All three finishing holes at Arbutus are tough! It’s an uphill battle on this snaky hole. Hit your tee shot hard because you’ve got a long way to go to the green. The bunkers on the left are more of a concern than the water on the right.

Hole #18

Save the most challenging hole for last! Make your tee shot long and right of the hole–but only when the hole is front left. If it’s front right, approach from the left. This is the only way to get a 2-putt. With water to the left, and sand bunkers spotted to the right, you’ve got your work cut out for you.


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