Top 3 Holes at Wildstone Golf Course

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We’ve evaluated all 18 holes at this must-play Cranbrook golf course, looking at scenery, par, and overall challenge of the hole and chosen these three for you to keep an eye out for the next time you’re thinking of golfing in Cranbrook. Wildstone Course is known for its pleasing mountain backdrops and is close to plenty of other outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, skiing, and fly fishing. While the club house and the facilities at the course may be somewhat limited, the course is kept in pristine condition for golfers like you.

  1.  Hole 5

This downhill par 4 is full of mystery and captivating mountain backdrops. Your first shot will be somewhat awkward, which will affect how you approach your second shot. Stay to the middle or right side, since there’s plenty of room. Watch out for the water hazard to the left of the green!

  1. Hole 12

Short but sweet, this par 3 impresses with its peaceful water feature and complex layout. Choosing the right club for this course will be your main concern; getting the ball anywhere on the green should be considered a victory.

  1. Hole 18

Save the best for last! In the case of Wildstone, this final hole is a memorable but demanding par 4. Hit the downslope after carrying the bunker to ensure the ball rolls as far down the course as possible, and then dig out the mid to long iron to get the ball onto the green. The surrounding tree line and Fisher Peak in the distance is a nice touch too.


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