Golf Preseason Conditioning

When you live in a region where the annual frost delay last for 5 or 6 months, it is enevitable to want to pull your driver out on the driving range at the very first opportunity. Is this wrong? Maybe not. Is it the best way to warm up after not touching a club for 180 + days, … not even close. On our local driving range this past weekend, you’d be hard pressed to say that people own other clubs than a driver.

More often than not, the average golfer jumps out of their car and heads directly for the 1st tee without properly warming up. Just like all sports, golf deserves recognition that the movements required for a proper golf swing put a tremendous amount of pressure on the muscles in the back to perform.  Without a proper warm up you risk injury, many lost balls or requests for a do over.

Before hitting the driving range and welcoming a new season, why not start an exercise /stretching program at home. It doesn’t have to be onerous, or require your whole night or weekend. Most core exercises can be performed in front of the TV during episodes of ‘ The Marriage Ref’, with exercise bands or just your human body.

Resist the urge to pull your driver out and instead hit two balls with each club (start with a sand wedge) and hold a strong balanced finish.

Your back will thank you and people in the stalls next to you won’t be scared. 🙂


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