Silvertip Resort’s Partner Day!

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Chris and I were invited to Silvertip Resort’s Partner Day yesterday to meet with Silvertip’s new staff and get a round in on the course.  As we have been working closely with Silvertip for 10 years, we call many of the management team close friends.  So it was good to get together and get caught up with their plans for 2010.  Watch for more information about Silvertip’s Resorts Club in the coming days!

So after the meet and greet and the Silvertip team’s presentation it was time to head out onto the course.  And as it was June 1st, and in staying with tradition, Chris and I agreed to a match.  Chris plays to a 6 and I play to a 16, so at Silvertip, Chris had to give me 12 strokes!   Game on!

Silvertip is a shot maker’s delight, and Chris was in his element.  By the time we got through 9, I was down 3, and by 13 I’m down 4.  I have Chris right where I want him!!  In my defence, I was riding with Cathy Resche, Silvertip’s new Corporate Sales Manager, and she and I were talking away about Silvertip’s Resort Club and other initiatives we will be working on and I was a little distracted.  So on 14 I thought I had better bear down!

Now Chris never “folds like a cheap suit”, so he isn’t easy to beat, but by 17 I’m only 1 down with 1 to play.  Chris pars in and I double; Chris wins 2 up!  And the bet was the winner fetches this afternoon’s coffee, so I am off to Beamer’s for a couple of lattes to get thru the afternoon!

But what a day at Silvertip!  Great company, a solid match on a golf course that undeniably has some of the most spectacular scenery in the Canadian Rockies!  An experience that never gets old!


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