Beautiful Holes On Wildstone Golf Course

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Elevated above Cranbrook, BC, the Wildstone Golf Course gives the player a picturesque view of the Rocky Mountains. Many of Wildstone’s holes have been crafted to please the eye. Here are some of our favourites and how you can find your way around their challenges.

Hole #6

First up, we have Hole #6, deriving its beauty not only from the mountain backdrop but also from the pond. Fortunately, the pond is all looks and no tricks, so it shouldn’t interfere with your strategy on this hole. Place your tee shot on the right spot, as your putting skills are put to the test here.

Hole #8

The beauty of this hole comes from the contours and shape of the fairway. The par 3 is protected by three bunkers, all of which are unforgiving. There’s little room for error if you miss the green. The front-left part of the green, fortunately, is wide and gives room for you to putt your way to success–providing you can maneuver your way there in the first place.

Hole #12

Challenging but beautiful–the water feature on this par 3 hole makes it one to remember. The mountains co-star in this water-heavy hole. Lay up to the right side of the green as the left houses a generous-sized bunker. Because of its challenge, scoring a three here is considered very good.

Hole #18

This dramatic finishing par 4 is backdropped by Fisher Peak and demands your attention right from the start. Bunkers guard both right and left as the fairway doglegs right. If you navigate this successfully, your second shot will be breathtaking. A bunker guards the green off to the right but the back is left free. A memorable finish to an awesome course!


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