Most Challenging Holes at Sun Rivers Golf Course

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Sun Rivers is a desert golf course at heart, which is a rare delicacy in Western Canada. Here you’ll find gorgeous views of the Thompson Valley, intermingled between the residential neighborhoods. Multiple tee boxes give beginners a chance to play with more experienced golfers so overall this course is fairly balanced, but here are some of the things you’ll have to watch out for at Sun Rivers Golf Course.

Hole #3

That water hazard just 100 yards from the green is there just to give you trouble. Favor the left side on your tee shot and then switch it up for your approach, minding the bunker and the upcoming water hazard. The undulating fairway provides no more trouble than usual. Taking the wind into account is crucial when making your club selection.

Hole #4

Nestled between the trees is this tricky little gem. The winds make this hole more difficult than others. Scout ahead if you need to, to see what you’re up against, for if you’re playing from the two back tees, you’ve got an obstructed view. A club that will keep you below on the green will help out here–the green is on a bit of a slant, and with the winds, your ball may end up in one of the two bunkers situated around the green.

Hole #8

This hole is trouble for long hitters. The bunkers littering the sides of the fairways are part of the problem. It’s hard to hit it in two unless you’re inside the 200 yards. It’s after we make it past the dogleg right section that things get a little hairy. The two-tiered green can really kill it here as any putt from the top tier to the button is automatically a three putt, so approach with caution!


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