Best Holes at the Golden Golf Club

Visit Golden, B.C. to discover this magnificent golf club. Nestled in the Columbia Valley near the Columbia River, and just outside of Golden, this golf club is a hidden gem. Here are some of the highlights.

Hole 4

This is the toughest par 3 at the club. Not only is the green large, but its undulating nature makes nervous movements and small putts extremely tricky. Your tee shot will need to carry you all the way to green. Watch out for the collection of bunkers off to the right of the fairway, but they shouldn’t be a problem if your tee shot is sound.

Hole 6

This beautifully designed hole features the Columbia River. The fairway runs alongside the river, doglegging right just before the midpoint. It’s reachable for long hitters. You may run into trouble at the corner, where the trees line the right side–and of course, the river itself, if you’re unfortunate enough to lose your ball there. A bunker to the left of the green is your only adversary once you make it that far.Golden, bc golf vacations

Hole 11 – Signature Hole

The signature hole of the Golden Golf Club offers a brilliant view of the valley and the famous Mount Seven. Pause for a moment and listen to the rushing waters of Holt Creek before taking your tee shot. The same river bissets the fairway just before the green so it will always be with you as you play. Use a mid-iron and aim for the 150 mark, as this will give you the best approach to the green. The green slopes back to front.

Hole 12

This isn’t a place to get greedy. The 12th can determine your score for the entire game. Make sure you choose the correct tier for you, as the large, funnel-shaped green is a great equalizer. The narrow, downhill fairway looks easier than it actually is. This hole also features great views of the river.

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  1. Jason Smith 6 years ago

    Hello admin , first of all i would like to say thank you for this post…this is really magnificent Golden Golf Club.all holes are really beautifully designed. Once again Thanks for sharing.

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