Why You Should Golf At Olympic View Golf Course

Olympic View Golf Course, victoria, bc golf courses

Located on the southern tip of Vancouver Island and just twenty minutes from downtown Victoria, Olympic View is a must-play for BC golf enthusiasts. Its tranquil and relaxed environment attracts many golfers every year. Here are a few reasons why you should visit and take in this Victoria, BC golf course.

Nestled in Nature

Olympic View is surrounded by natural beauty. It boasts two waterfalls, twelve lakes, various roaming wildlife such as deer, and snow-peaked Olympic Mountains painted on the horizon. In fact, Hole #17 is the most photographed hole on the course due to the Japanese garden accompanying the green, as well as one of the two aforementioned waterfalls. Here, you won’t find fairways lined with housing developments. Only Mother Nature and her curious deer!

Demanding but Rewarding

The course demands you step up your game! You will be called upon to make various kinds of shots, which certainly will prove a challenge to a beginner or novice. Different tees are available to make the course more forgiving to beginners. Some holes will be more intimidating than others, especially Holes #1 and #12. Watch out for blind spots and remember to have fun, even if a hole plays like you don’t expect!

Relaxing Environment

Because Olympic View is such a forest course, you’re more apt to feel a unique quietness as you play. This is especially if you play in the late afternoon, when it’s not as busy. The way the holes are arranged, you don’t double back on yourself, and you will probably get the sense that you’re wandering through a tranquil forest, yet the path is very clear and organized. You will feel like the course is more remote than it actually is.


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