Why You Should Golf at Eagle Ranch Golf Resort

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Welcome to the heart of the Columbia Valley, to the rolling canyons and elevated buffs of Eagle Ranch. Because of the sunbelt that runs through the Canadian Rockies, Eagle Ranch is open earlier in the BC golfing season. Here’s why you should add Eagle Ranch to your golfing itinerary.

Be warned that is one of the more expensive golf courses near Radium–so plan your trip accordingly!

Golfing in the Canyons

The golf course itself takes advantage of the canyon setting, and uses the natural landscape to allure and challenge the golfer. The staff takes pride in maintaining the course and part of the charm of the course is in its well-maintained grounds. Whether you’re admiring the canyons or standing in the open fairways, overlooking the Columbia River, Eagle Ranch brings a unique outlook on the Canadian Rockies that enriches your game.

The Short Course

Called so because you can finish the game in three hours or less! The course has fourteen par 3’s and four par 4’s that make up a maximum of 270 yards. This is a great, inexpensive way to improve your short game while not adhering to the regulation course rules. It’s also not as challenging as the regulation course, so beginners and high handicappers can find their feet here without fear of intimidation.

More Than Just Golf

It’s not called a resort for nothing. Eagle Ranch offers fine dining times two: the Trader’s Lounge and the Rustica Steakhouse. The evening meals are on the expensive side, so go for lunch if the budget is tight. A third option is available for a quick drink: the patio at the clubhouse overlooks the golf course. Eagle Ranch is also available for weddings, meetings and golf tournaments.


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