Uniquely Designed Holes Near Kimberley BC

Some holes seem like they were designed to frustrate, but sometimes they’re what make a course memorable. Here are some uniquely designed holes in the Kimberley, BC area.

Wildstone Golf Course – Kimberley, BC – Hole #6

This hole is so beautifully designed that it may mislead you into believing it’s more difficult than it actually is. The pond to the left is just for show and probably won’t affect your strategy, so it’s better to focus on currently angling your tee shot. This is a short par-3, and your putting skills will certainly be put to the test. An accurate mid-iron will be required. The left is protected by a bunker, and the green undulates heavily by the pin.

Bootleg Gap Golf Course – Kimberley, BC – Hole #12

The signature hole of the Bootleg Gap’s championship course offers picturesque views but be prepared to be frustrated. Your tee shot is heavily affected by the wind because the tee shot requires you to shoot towards a large, well-protected green some fifty feet below. Even if you survive the tee shot, you’ve got a few stray bunkers–especially off to the left–that are worth worrying about. Choosing the right club for this hole is tough as well, and you may be affected by the thin mountain air.

Shadow Mountain Golf Course – Hole #17

This was not designed for new golfers! This signature par-5 has an elevated tee and is 614 yards that narrows into a bottleneck to the carefully placed green. On one side, water awaits you, and on the other, a steep bank. Panoramic views of St. Mary’s Bridge and the Rockies are also stunning features of this Cranbrook hole. You will be frustrated, challenged, and entertained by this hole.


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